Some real Bob Ross fluffy clouds of vapor! Everyone's got their own kick and not everyone gets it. I'm one of those who just doesn't get it. I've been vaping for two, almost three years now and I still find it amusing that people are so obsessed with blowing out huge clouds of vapor. There's contests, tricks and tons of mods and builds people use to create these massive clouds that they just know you're super impressed with.

Sure I guess it looks cool, kind of. But for me it's always been about taste, experience and ease. When I smoked I don't recall ever thinking to myself "I wish I could blow out huge clouds of smoke." or "I'm gonna find a brand or filter that lets me really exhale a ton of smoke" it never happened, not once.

Maybe that's why I find all this cloud chasing stuff so funny. Again everyone has their own thing, but for me a good throat hit, even taste and the reliability, convenience and ease of my equipment is first and foremost. While others are screwing around with their builds I'm just vaping away.

I couldn't tell you how many times someone's said to me "Hey Critter you should get this or that because it really throws the vapor and makes big clouds." or "Why are you using that? It's low power and won't chuck the vapor." I usually reply with "I don't vape for effect, I vape to relax and because I like the way it tastes."

In the end clouds can be cool, I don't get it, but to each his own!

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