Someone beat Mickey Mouse in the polls.

While Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the popular choices for their respective parties, the independent party has their own candidate that is beginning to climb in popularity, Deez Nuts.

The name was registered in Iowa by a Brady Olson, a high school sophomore in Wallingford, Iowa.

Shortly after, Olson sent out an email to the Public Policy Polling and asked to be put on the polling when they ask for people's opinions on who they are going to vote for in the 2016 election.

The first poll was taken in Minnesota where 7% of the people polled stated that they would vote for Deez Nuts. The polls were then taken to Olson's home state where he received an 8% and then would rise to 9% in North Carolina.

As of this writing Deez Nuts began to make national headlines. So even if he is starting to rise in popularity with the voters there is one problem with Nuts running for office. The 15-year-old who is under the name cannot actually run for president as U.S. citizens must be at least 35 years old to run for the office of president.

So with that said, how did Olson manage to file for candidacy if he's not of age? He filled out a form for candidacy also known as Form 2. When the form is filled out the Federal Election Commision (FEC) normally does not do an immediate check on public records. The FEC mainly checks to make sure if all fields are filled out correctly and which election cycle the candidate is running. The form also asks for an address, it doesn't ask for a person's age or birthdate.

The only time Olson would have to give his real identity is if he raised over $5,000 to use for campaign purposes.

So how was Olson discovered? The Daily Beast asked the Emmet County Registry of Deeds and the Emmert County recorders office where they determined the property next to the given address was next door to a Livestock farm owned by Brady's father.

What better way to state your intentions to lead the country then to start 20 years early.


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