I can honestly say I'd never be able to pass this police academy's dreaded chick test, never! If you smile or laugh it's push up time. Maybe after a 100 tries or so I could manage just a smirk, but it would take every ounce of willpower and I'd only be able to maintain composer for a second or two. Sadly the more they did it, the funnier it would get!

The upside is I'd be fully fit and ripped after doing thousands and thousands of push ups. I'd look like I skipped leg day though, because I'd never get of my face. This isn't what comes to mind when you think of police training and the rigorous demands that law enforcement officers have to go through on a daily basis. I guess the chicken test helps officers to maintain composer and a professional demeanor regardless of what's going on.

I have a lot of friends who are police officers and I've even been a part of the Lawton Police Department's Citizen's Police Academy. If you ever have an opportunity to do it you'll love it! You get to learn about what our local police officers do, all the training they go through and all the different duties each officer has. You get to do a ride along and do some of the training they go through. It's pretty amazing, of course if they had the chicken test I'd still be there doing push ups...

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