This week's weirdest conversation took place around the lunch table today and it was all about diet vs regular soda.

Each Friday I meet "The Boys" for a quick lunch going into the weekend. We catch up on the week, share our shenanigans, and generally try to one-up each other's funny one-liners. It's a good time.

As we sat down at the same table we sit at each and every week, the drink order was the first topic on hand.

Around the table we went... Tea... Unsweet tea... Dr Pepper... Diet Coke... but our server dealt what could have been a lethal blow... "We don't have Diet Coke anymore, just Coke Zero."

It was sort of a confusing premise, but my DC-loving brother kept his composure, inquiring as to why they no longer have Diet Coke. Long story short, in a time like now when pinching pennies is necessary, why have two "diet" Coke products on hand?

It makes sense even if it's a bummer for the majority of diet soda drinkers like him... Those bags of syrup aren't cheap (even though charging $3 for fountain drinks is practical robbery), sacrifices must be made.

Just drink the Coke Zero...

I didn't know this, but when offered the Coke Zero as a replacement, it's not just the high-fructose corn syrup my buddy was avoiding... It's the taste according to him, and I get that. I don't like sweet stuff either. It makes my mouth water and teeth hurt just thinking about sweets, so I guess I understand why he wouldn't want a super-sweet low-calorie replacement cola.

It's weird all around, but he settled for a Diet Dr Pepper. By the time the ribs came, we had forgotten all about it. They were honestly the best we've ever had today. Kudos to cook Phil... He's killing it in 2023.

25 hilarious Oklahoma personalized tags DENIED by the DMV

A great way to personalize your vehicle is with a custom license plate. There are some pretty creative and funny tags running around the Sooner State. Some are easy to get, others will have you scratching your head trying to figure it out what it says. Personalized plates are very popular and we're seeing more of them on the road every day. However, there are some rules and restrictions when it comes to what you can and can't put on your plate. If it's considered obscene, vulgar, demeaning, or includes any mention of drugs, alcohol, or illegal activities it will be DENIED. Check out the photo gallery below of some of the most hilarious tags that were rejected by the Oklahoma Department of Motor Vehicles. WARNING: some of these could be considered offensive so if you're easily offended proceed with caution. You have been officially warned.

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When it comes to the topic of skyscrapers and Oklahoma, the details are a little muddy. If you were to search "Oklahoma skyscrapers" online, it'll likely return a list of thirty tall Sooner State buildings, but while all skyscrapers are high-rises, not all high-rises are skyscrapers.

The modern-day definition of a skyscraper is based almost entirely on height. To be considered, a building must be at least 492 feet tall above ground level... Oklahoma has plenty of tall buildings around the state, but only the Sooner-Six qualifies by definition.

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