Sadly another business in Lawton, Fort Sill is closing. The Sara Lee Bread Store located at 2701 S.W. Lee Blvd is closing it's doors for good. While there isn't a whole lot of details on the closing, we're pretty sure the COVID-19 pandemic and all shutdowns had a lot to do with it. We've lost count as far as how many businesses here in town have had to shut their doors permanently due to the virus. 2020 has been terrible!

Hopefully things will start to improve and we'll slow or stop the spread of Coronavirus soon before more businesses have to close. We're all trying to do our part with social distancing, masks, hand washing and being aware of sanitation and contamination. Our numbers are looking better here in Comanche County and while we're still seeing more new cases of infection it has slowed some. It's not as bad as it was a few weeks and months ago so that's good news. We'll just have to keep doing what we're doing.

Sara Lee Bread 02

I'm going to miss the Sara Lee Store, it's been around for as long as I can remember. I'm not too sure how long or when it opened in Lawton, but it was always nice to stop in grab some fresh bread and other treats. I wish I would have heard the news about it closing sooner so I could have stocked up. We can still get Sara Lee bread and other products at local and area grocery stores, but there was something about going to the store, plus all the savings you could get buying it there.

I feel bad for all the employees who now face unemployment and other challenges. That's the other negative effect of a local business closing down and a major one. The loss of jobs and tax revenues. So not only are we losing a great place to go, but people are out of work. We wish them all the best in finding new employment and will hate not seeing them at the store. We'll miss you Sara Lee bread store.

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