Like his big personality or not, Alton Brown may be the greatest and most creative chef the world has ever known. That being said, he's spending his mandatory self-quarantine/shelter-in-place/social distancing time putting gold on YouTube. From one of the finest cookers in the world, he shares his personal hot saltine (fire) cracker recipe for those getting to the back of their pantry at the moment.

All that being said, Fire Crackers are awesome. There are a handful of restaurants in the area past/present that have served these little hot snacks in the past. And here's the absolute best thing about 'em... They're like pizza. Even crappy pizza is still kinda good. You literally can't mess this up.

You get bonus points if you also toss in a little red pepper flake for flair, but you get the idea. Good luck. Stay at home.

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