If you've ever frequented Home Depot, you know how the traffic to Starbucks sort of spills out into the street there on NW 40th. It's because the parking lot is so small, and judging by the line, it seems to take a while to make custom ordered coffee. Naturally, the drive-thru line tends to stretch on down the road. I'd assume that most DIY'ers and contractors alike, the type of people to make their own coffee will typically find this to be one of those irritating first world problems. I've probably been blocked behind that line of people and missed the light back onto Cache Road a few times too, but again, a minor inconvenience in the grand scheme of things.

Yesterday, pictures and stories hit Facebook about how LPD decided it would be the day they'd start writing tickets for people waiting in line for their coffee out in the road. I get it. There's a chance these vehicles are impeding traffic, so due diligence is owed by Lawton's finest... but, at the end of the day, is it really that big of a deal? When I roll up on that situation, which is quite frequent, I shop the Depot a lot, the vehicles are usually snugged up to the curb in a pretty well organized manner. 40th Street doesn't seem to be a very well traveled stretch of road unless you have business there, where is the harm in people doing what they can to patiently wait on their coffee?

I'll be honest, with the new Starbucks out on 82nd Street, I thought the 40th and Cache location would be shutdown. I thought they were rebuilding the store on a bigger lot specifically to accommodate and fix the traffic woes of the OG location... leaving a bigger and better parking lot for Firo.

I guess the question left to you is, do you think these patrons providing tax revenues in the form of over-priced sugar beverages deserve to be handed tickets for waiting patiently in the street for the line to move?

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