In The Fast and The Furious Part 7 series - AKA - Furious 7, the script called for some ridiculously modified muscle cars and SUVs to be tactically dropped out of a plane. The scene was nothing short of hilarious and exhilarating. Surprisingly, it was also more actual physical stunting than CGI and post production... Not to say they didn't have CGI, there was, but they literally dropped these cars out of a plane over Colorado.

Skip to 2018, and six buddies decided they could not only redo the stunt, but do it better. Riding in the car, not only out of the plane, but a few thousand feet in total free-fall. Naturally, they bailed. The car hit the ground. The aftermath wasn't nearly as bad as you'd think. And they all lived to tell the tale of skydiving with a car. Epic indeed.

Here's the stunt they were recreating below.

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