Back in March we shared the news, at that time maybe it was a rumor, that Slim Chickens was coming to Lawton, Fort Sill. Well, it's true and I'm sure you've seen all the construction taking place near the intersection of 67th Street and Cache Road. Despite the pandemic and everything else that's been going on lately they've been busy working to get it built and opened. It's actually really impressive at just how quickly they've been able to get it all put together. We're not 100% sure exactly when the Slim Chickens in Lawton will open, but it will be very soon! Who knows, maybe as soon as this month...That would be AWESOME! *Fingers crossed*

The new Slim Chickens in Lawton is located at 6731 N.W. Cache Road and is in between Toy Chiropractic Clinic and J&S Dry Cleaning and Laundry on N.W. Cache Road. I've seen them in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Norman and in Texas all over the Metro-plex, but I've never had the opportunity to try it out for myself. The menu looks amazing and their chicken is fresh and cooked to order. They have tenders, sandwiches, salads and they even have chicken and waffles. They also have a ton of different dipping sauces I can't wait to try out. Looking forward to them opening in Lawton, Fort Sill. It'll be great to have another place to eat out.

Not only will we be getting another great place to eat, but more jobs as well. It's a win, win. If you're looking for a job or carer change Slim Pickens is hiring. Maybe you've seen the signs, you can click here for details and to apply online. While you're on the website get signed up for their e-club and favorite the new Lawton location. The first 100 people who do will receive a special VIP invitation to a Slim Chickens event that will have FREE FOOD and some Southern hospitality. You can click here to fill out the online form and get signed up. Can't wait for them to officially open up. From the looks of things it won't be long now!

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