Even though the last few winters have been rather long, the cold season has been wrapping up early across Oklahoma in the last few weeks. We even saw our first big tornado outbreak of the year last Sunday... but Mother Nature is calling for both snow and severe weather in tomorrow's forecast.

While the graphic above doesn't tell the entire story, most people living in the I-44 corridor in Southwest Oklahoma might understandably worry.

The winds we experienced last Sunday were incredible. They came in really fast with a lot of power. I can't tell you how many roofs in my own neighborhood lost shingles, but as it could have been much worse, most of us feel rather lucky... and then there's another wind advisory with tomorrow's weather.

Fortunately, the prediction is the wind will sweep into our state along a line further to our east, but that estimate isn't set in stone.

All the same, after last year's brutal drought we'll welcome any rain that falls.

If you don't follow the National Weather Service in Norman, you should. They calmly tell you what is going on outside without the sideshow antics and insatiable forced panic of the meteorological televangelists on the TV.

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