You read the headline right. You can now stick your head in a pillow shaped like a deep fried turkey thanks to Arby’s.

And in case you’re wondering just how the hell you’re supposed to breathe in there, it’s cut so the nose stays exposed while wearing it.

Here’s the thing – apparently a whole lot of people like the idea of sticking their head in a pillow that resembles a turkey carcass because they quickly sold out of them…at $60 each. Wow. But hey, Arby’s promises you’ll get the best turkey sleep of your life and there’s no way they would bullsh*t us when it comes to marketing their products.

You can still get one, however. You’ll just have to let Lady Luck decide. The fast-food chain is giving them away at

You might as well enter to win one because Arby’s has done a good job of creating a win-win situation. Everyone who enters to win automatically gets a coupon worth 50% off their next turkey sandwich or wrap.

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