First off... Watch the clip above...

You good?

Let me begin by saying Tom Holland is a really good Spider-Man. Especially after the two giant letdowns of the previous version featuring that dude from the Facebook movie. He wasn't a bad Spider-Man either... They were just terrible movies. But it's hard to beat the Spider-O.G. Toby Maguire. That dude put out three solid Spidey movies didn't he?

Sure, the third movies 'cool factor' of Venom was kind of off-put with the Sand Man villian, but all in all a solid flick. He wins the battle, saves NYC, kills the bad guy, rediscovers a lost friend and gets the girl. What's not to love? So, it's only natural that he gets a featured cameo in the ultimate Marvel movie, even if it had to be fan-made.

With a trilogy of dialogue and shots to choose from, I don't know why someone doesn't just make Toby a part of Infinity War and the whole of Endgame. Hope you enjoyed.

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