You know, the longer System of a Down stays out of the music-making arena, the more their stuff is recycled into uniquely different forms of, well, art. Who can forget the internet greats like SOAD-Goat Edition, or that time they got the entire animal planet involved? Whoever makes these deserves web gold.

If you think these aging videos are just getting unfair treatment, I don't think they are. The music may be timeless, but the videos perfectly capture a different time in rock fashion. Wide leg pants reminiscent of JNCO's, shirtless performance, huge Brian May hair, and unbelievable drum accuracy. It was a simpler time, and the music is just unique enough to fit just about any genre you can overdub it with.

Country SOAD is funny. Goth Techno SOAD is amazingly hilarious. But the animal versions definitely take the cake.

Exhibit A:


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