If you've ever watched an episode of Hot Ones, you might say something like this to yourself... "If Gordon Ramsey can't handle it, how can Stone Cold Steve Austin?" Countless celebrities have tried, some have failed spectacularly, others ruled the gauntlet. As he tells some pretty epic tales from wrestling, the Texas Rattlesnake may be the new reigning wing champ!

Critter and I have dabbled in the world of hot sauces. He more so than I. I'm a fan of spice. That quick hit of heat that subsides really quickly. Critter is a fan of committing nuclear crimes against a tongue. I'll be the first to admit, I can't handle Critter's choice in hot sauces. I've had Hot Ones original Fiery Chipotle, and it was tasty. Quick hit of heat, lots of flavor, not bad... but the others in this and previous seasons were just pure nope.

You want a good hot sauce? It's called Louisiana Hot Sauce. It's perfect. Tabasco isn't hot sauce. It's vinegar.

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