You know the cold weather is coming. While I would never suggest you "not" make chili tonight, even my own amazing chili gets old after a few servings of it, you should make yourself some stupid simple chicken noodle soup. Trust Cowboy Kent Rollins, world famous chef and Southwest Oklahoma's most famous export to show you how, including making some ridiculously easy homemade noodles.

Before it happens, let me just say this... Every time I put a cooking recipe something or other on here, I get at least one or two emails from some cromagnom brow having simpleton telling me how cooking doesn't belong on a rock and roll website because dudes don't cook... I'll tell you straight up, cooking is sharp knives and open fire... there's nothing more manly than knowing how to cook.

Here's a weird question... Do you even like soup? I only ask because I myself never really cared for it. I don't think I ever gave it a chance for the longest time my entire life. I figured while I still had teeth and an iron gut, I'll stick to my solid foods for as long as possible. This past year, and the grocery shortage we all experienced because the Karen's were too busy hoarding everything on store shelves forced me to buy canned soup. As that six week shortage went on, there were nights I had to suck up my toothy pride and heat up some of that soup and I realized it's not that bad at all.

If you get the chance, it doesn't look like it takes more than an hour or two, you might try the SWOK cowboys recipe. It looks much better than the canned versions I choked down last Spring.

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