Don't be the guy that shows up to Thanksgiving empty handed, and forget bringing store bought sides. It's your opportunity to let everyone know you're a grown up that can take care of himself.

Technically, these pumpkin deviled eggs are a Halloween leftover, but they work just as well for Thanksgiving. Plus, everyone loves deviled eggs, and if you can boil water, you have all the skills you need.

Having said that, there are ways you can mess up boiled eggs. Boiling them for too long creates that green halo around the yoke. That's a naturally occurring sulpher, and the reason why overcooked eggs smell like sewage. There are a million videos online that detail the perfect and easy way to get perfect eggs, I'd start with your own search, or just skip to the bottom of the page before you go hog wild.

Pro-Tip on these eggs. Instead of transferring the eggs to an ice water bath, just drain the hot water, fill it back up with cold water, and add ice to the pot.

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