I don't know if it's just a trait of getting older, and I know things can't just stay the same price forever, but doesn't it seem that the more expensive things get, the less of it you get? Look at bottled water... You used to get 20 ounces in the big cases at the store for a couple of bucks. Those cases are still pretty cheap, but the bottles are a few ounces less nowadays. Is it the same for Taco Bell?

Back in high school, we had an open campus where students could leave to get their lunch so long as they made it back for fourth hour calculus. As my graduating class was nearly 1000 students, plus three other grade classes in the one school, I assume this was to ease the pressure on the kitchen staff, and teach youths a little about personal responsibility. Now the idea of an open campus is a thing of days past in the majority of schools across the United States. We used to go to Taco Bell quite a bit. There was one just a few blocks from the school, and if you had two bucks, you were eating good! $2 and some change used to have me in my regular order... two tacos, a bean burrito, and a drink. This is back when a twelve pack of tacos was still six bucks.

Skip forward to 2020, and while prices have soared across all fast food joints, it almost seems like those same favorite menu items have gotten smaller even as they've gotten more expensive. It's a solid business idea... sell less for more and whatnot... but then someone like Southwest Oklahoma's own Cowboy Kent Rollins decides to show you how to make your own homegrown versions of your childhood favorites. His take on the crunchwrap looks pretty amazing. Plus, being homemade, even though it's bigger, it's still probably way more healthy as much as it is filling.

If you don't know who he is, Kent Rollins is a world famous, Bobby Flay slaying, cast iron culinary beast with a motto he lives by, "You can't get full on fancy." He and his wife Shannon, along with their pups and some dad-joke level dance moves put together recipe and cooking videos pretty regularly each week. Simple dishes made over fire in simple cast iron. He may be a little heavy handed at time with the chipotle and adobo, and I'll never agree that lime juice goes on a steak... that just makes civeche... but his recipes are amazing, and he knows cooking is both a masculine activity and a character trait of adults. Give him a subscribe.

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