Man Leaves Funny Recording to Play at His Funeral
An Irish man left a hilarious recording to be played at his funeral service. His family went from tears to laughter as the message continued to play. WARNING: There's some strong or vulgar language involved, but all in good fun. I don't know who this gentleman was, but in life I bet he was…
The Funniest Shock Collar Challenge Ever Captured On Video
It's the funniest shock collar challenge video I've ever seen. What's that, you don't know what the shock collar challenge is? Well let me explain. Basically you put on a dog shock collar crank it up and give the remote control to someone else. Then you hit the drive thru and tr…
Bloody Car Wash Prank [VIDEO]
Halloween may be over but everyday is a good day to pull a prank like this. Watch what happens when a group of guys cover their car in a bunch of blood, gore and guts then try to take it to the car wash. The reactions are priceless!
The Halloween Whopper Prank [VIDEO]
A hilarious prank pulled on an unsuspecting grandpa, behold the Burger King black Whopper prank! Turns out people freak out when they think they've been poisoned, who knew?
Stun Gun in a Bike Seat Prank [VIDEO]
It's a Funny prank, but a really practical and effective anti-theft device too! This guy wires a stun gun to a bicycle seat and triggers it remotely using a cell phone giving would be thieves the ride of their lives! Pretty inventive, now we just need to figure out a way to make it work without…
Flying Reaper Epic Halloween Prank! [VIDEO]
Another awesome scare prank for Halloween, you gotta see this one! Watch what happens when a flying reaper swoops down and chases people who run for their very lives! This bit of brilliance was brought to us by Mr. Tom Mabe. Best know for his stand up comedy and prank calls, Mr. Mabe shows with this…

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