If you drive by Lawton High School today, you will see a black tarp torn to shreds, covering the Lawton High Billboard at the corner of Fort Sill Blvd and Ferris. Rumors have this being a declaration of a protest scheduled for tonight at Liberty Lake.  Wrong!  It's the best Senior Class prank EVER!

Lawton High's Class of 2020 hasn't been in class since March of this year, first because of Spring Break, then do to the Coronavirus Covid-19 Pandemic.  While activities ceased, and learning was done a whole new way with Zoom Classes and distance learning, it's so good to know that some things just don't change! Senior Pranks!

When I was in high school, I remember someone from across town cutting down the sculptured hedges that spelled out LHS. That could have been a prank due to the cross town rivalry, but still it was our senior year. Eggs were a popular prank too. My friend told me about turning Chickens loose in the hallway of the school across town. (Chickens = Eagles in High School apparently). Now that's funny too. The worst thing I even considered was skipping school on Senior Skip day (I didn't though, I had cool classes LOL), so my creativity or bravery was never to this level! I admit,  I was a little bit of a geek.

For those of you who cannot read what the huge sign says:

FOR SALE - Vacant since March - Seniors '20!

All I can say is EPIC.  What a great use of creativity!  Well played, Class of 2020, Well Played!

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