It's the funniest shock collar challenge video I've ever seen. What's that, you don't know what the shock collar challenge is?  Well let me explain. Basically you put on a dog shock collar crank it up and give the remote control to someone else. Then you hit the drive thru and try to order food while the other person hits the button shocking you.

Normally you can't get through the order and if you do you, you usually end up spilling drinks and dropping food everywhere in the car. So why do this? Because it's HILARIOUS! This one is the best I've seen so far. I'm not sure if they're a couple, but they probably are. Unbelievably it's his wife or girlfriend who ends up being the shocky instead of the shocker. Her reactions are absolutely priceless.

This is what happens when people get bored, have been stuck inside too long without any real release or interaction with others. When you're daily life becomes mundane and at times meaningless you resort to finding new and even crazy ways to entertain yourself. There are several different shock collar challenges, but the drive-thru is the best. I'm thinking Kelso and I have to do this one. I'd even volunteer to be the one being shocked. Or maybe do it on air while trying to do a break. The only real danger there is the chance of accidental profanity.

Most internet challenges are stupid, to be fair this one is too but it's funny. There's no telling just how crazy things are gonna get as the days, weeks and even months go by and people have nothing to do but dream up new challenges and ways to entertain themselves. I hate to say it, I'm all in. Let's do this!

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