Some people really need to find a better use for their time rather than test response times of security organizations such as Homeland Security, SWAT, or any other tactical response teams. Unfortunately, for a man in Arizona it is smidgen too late to think about arbitrary details like that. Watch the video that could send him to prison for five years!

Former aspiring film maker Michael David Turley has been convicted on charges that range from child endangerment to committing a terrorist hoax - yes apparently there is a charge for that - when he sent his 16 year-old nephew into the streets of Phoenix wearing a head wrap that covered the teenagers face and white shroud mimicking Islamic terrorist dress and carrying a fake rocket grenade launcher. As you would assume the local 911 system was flooded with calls from frightened citizens. After a few more minutes a single police officer arrives on scene ordering the teen to lower the prop and orders Michael to stop filming. Turley explained to the officer he was filming a movie and officer let both Michael and his nephew go without incident however, after Michael posted the video on YouTube which subsequently went viral Michael was arrested and charged with multiple crimes.

Keep in mind that this prank was done shortly after the Aurora, Co theater massacre last year. Turley said he wanted to test the response time of his local authorities if there were to ever be an attack on his city. The jury took only two hours to convict Michael David Turley on his stupidity and will face sentencing next month.

After the story broke, citizens who witnessed the teen walking around in the street with the prop RPG said they contemplated running the unidentified person over with their vehicle, but chose not to in the event that the prop was real and could be fired.

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