A very scary incident for one Texas family last week.

Last Tuesday in Moody, Texas, 2-year-old Karson Guerra ran to her mom clutching her throat. Her parents had no idea what was wrong so they rushed her to the emergency room and it turns out Karson swallowed a button battery. Those ones that are about the size of dime that you usually see in calculators.

It's a good thing her parents came to the hospital. Karson was transferred to McLane Children's Hospital so they could perform an hour long surgery to remove the battery. "They told us it needed to be removed right away because they were afraid it would burn actually through the esophagus, and the trachea, and into the aortic vein in her throat," Mitchell Guerra, Karson's father said.

Thankfully that did not happen, but some battery acid did leak into Karson's esophagus. She is currently on a feeding tube so her throat can heal. Food and water passing through the throat would slow down the healing process. Doctors also say they are worried about the acid causing extensive damage in a few weeks, but Karson is being monitored at the hospital.

The good news is that on Friday a CT scan showed there had been no further damage at that point. Hopefully Karson can have that feeding tube removed in about a week and can go home. Also a friendly reminder to keep an eye on those little ones. You never know what they can get in to.

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