Chances are, you might think that you're not the coolest mom. Fear no more, you're not alone!!

A blogging mom duo out of Houston, Texas (Laughing Moms by Alisha found Eden) have rewritten Echosmith's 'Cool Kids' and changed it to 'Cool Moms' - tapping into the minds of moms everywhere.

Being a mom isn't the most glamorous job but it's definitely the most rewarding. Sure, you might drop your kids off at school looking like you haven't left the house in weeks, or didn't have enough money to get your kid the iPad they so desperately wanted because, "Timmy's mom got him one!" but, you're a lot cooler than you think.

I love how this video shows that EVERY mom thinks they're not the cool mom at some point in time but while you're thinking that, someone else is digging your cool vibes.

So, pull your hair back, slip on your most comfy house shoes and feel what it's like to be a cool mom because you are one!

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