Our Halloween is safe, but for many it's been cancelled. I feel bad for all the kids who won't be able to go out trick or treating this year and instead will be locked up in the house. This hilarious parody video from YouTube channel Andrew Kasch has the one and only Micheal Myers from the Halloween movie franchise played by Jamie Avera who's sadly walking around empty streets and neighborhoods on All Hallows' Eve. There's no one out and nothing to do, until he meets up with a neighborhood Karen. Then things get ugly...

Luckily for us here in Lawton, Fort Sill our Halloween and trick or treating isn't cancelled, but the same cannot be said for other cities across the Nation. There are a lot of places where they've cancelled all the traditional Halloween activities including trick or treating and community events due to COVID-19. The City of Lawton has announced the hours for this year's candy grab and it will be from 6:00pm until 8:00pm Halloween night. Click here for all the details and for some safety tips.

Not only do we have trick or treating we also have some other Halloween activities and events planned. The first annual Park-O-Treat will take place at Elmer Thomas Park from 4:00pm to 6:00pm on Halloween. It's FREE and open to the public, bring the kids to the park for trick or treating. Plus with it being early you'll have plenty of time to hit the neighborhoods afterwards for even more candy and trick or treating.

The Lawton Central Mall is also hosting Mall-O-Ween, a trick or treating event on Halloween from 5:00pm until 7:00pm or until the candy runs out. Coming up on Friday night, the day before Halloween (10-30-20) the Vaska will have their Hocus Pocus Interactive Hex-A-Long. A special screening of the movie with live actors, special effects and even a costume contest. We of course have the Trail of Fear with all it's haunted attractions if you're brave enough. So there's lots of options for this Halloween.

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