I don't care where you come from, where you've visited, or even if you've been to the taco motherland below the border, Texas is home to the worlds greatest tacos. Whether it's from a truck, a trailer, or one of the thousands of family owned restaurants in the Lone Star state, you'll never find better tacos. I know that's a big statement, but it's practically a fact.

Every state is known for a single dish. Florida is home of the fish taco just like Maine is king of the lobster. California owns the burrito trade the same as Louisiana is home of the only perfect shrimp in the world. You'd go to Wyoming to eat quail, Montana for elk, and Colorado for sweet munchies. Missouri may get BBQ rights, even though their best can't hold a candle to our worst... Oklahoma was really known for burgers before Braum's changed theirs up a few years ago, so now we're known for the humble chicken fried steak. An increasingly rare dish to find over the world, and even harder to find a good one.


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