The state of Oklahoma is well known for a great many things. Like our beautiful landscapes, incredible sunsets, awesome college and pro teams, tasty food, friendliness, and rich history. One of the things that we're known for that's not on the list, but should be is the funny, unusual, and crazy street names we come up with in our towns and cities. The Sooner State has more than its fair share of unforgettable street names. Scroll down to see the photo gallery of all the funny Oklahoma street names we've found so far.

From large cities to tiny rural communities you'll find hilarious and even bizarre street names. It's got to be hard when you're planning out a town or city and naming all the streets. Eventually, you run out of ideas, or more than likely there's that one person who thinks "This will be funny, let's call it (fill in the blank)." The more development that occurs, the greater the chance a street will be named by someone with a sense of humor.

Of course, a lot of these funny or crazy street names were completely done by accident. Or at the time when they were named slang and innuendo weren't considered. Either way, by accident or on purpose, Oklahoma has a ton of really funny street names. Take a look at the gallery below and see if you're hometown made the list. If not submit a photo of the street or road you find funny or unusual and we'll include it in the gallery.

Let's keep it going. If you know of a funny street or road name take a quick photo of it and submit it via email: We'll include it in the photo gallery below and continue to add to it!

Funny, Crazy & Unusual Street Names Found in Oklahoma

One thing's for sure, Oklahoma has a ton of funny, unusual, and downright crazy street names. Across the Sooner State in every town, city, and rural community you'll find hilarious streets and roads with some of the most bizarre names you can think of. When they were named, more than likely years ago, I'm sure no one thought they would be considered crazy or funny at the time. Well, times have changed! Now some of these street names had to be deliberately named by someone with a great sense of humor. At least in my opinion anyway. Scroll through the photo gallery to check out some of Oklahoma's funniest and craziest street names. If you know of a funny or crazy street or road name in Oklahoma take a quick photo of the sign and submit it to and we'll include it in the photo gallery below.

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