Behold the single greatest LEGO animation to have ever been done! I have no idea how long this must have taken, but it's well worth it. A HUGE THANKS to YouTube channel Domy13 for putting this together and sharing it with us. It took weeks to shoot this video and the very least we could do is share it and "Brick Roll" as many people as possible.

If you've ever been "Rick Rolled" and to be honest who hasn't, then you're gonna LOVE THIS. Dormy13 took Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" video and re-created it using LEGO animation, BRILLIANT! This is taking it to a whole new and wonderful level. This couldn't have come at a better time in history. As we continue to face COVID-19 and all the craziness that comes with it, we could all use a laugh right about now.

I plan on using this unmercifully over the next few weeks as I "Brick Roll" everyone I know. The one positive thing that's come out of this pandemic is all the creative, hilarious videos and memes from people stuck at home with nothing else better to do. Thank God for them. I can't image how much worse COVID-19 would be without them.

You can really appreciate just how awesome this video is when you watch the side by side comparison. It's been recreated frame by glorious frame and with total attention to detail. Hopefully things will improve and we'll see an end to the Coronavirus soon, but in the meantime I look forward to more of these videos!

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