If you haven't watched Saturday Night Live in recent years, you're not alone. While it used to be a staple in most homes across America, it changed in 2016 when politics moved the show from a trusty source of satire into a seemingly pathetic shell of impotent rage. Just for the record, I don't agree or disagree with their politics... I don't lean to one side or the other. I'm completely devoid of political belief at this point. I'll straight get up and walk away when politics start, and I can't begin to tell you how much better life is without that mess in it.

While I DVR every new episode of SNL, I usually don't watch, well, any of it. I'll skip around to the weekend update segment and go back to whatever I was watching before the second it wraps. One thing that caught me off guard over the weekend was the guest, David Harbour from Stranger Things. I don't even remember seeing ads that he was to be hosting. Nevertheless, I hit play and let it roll. As it went like most episodes of SNL lately, I skipped forward hoping to find the rare bonus extras they make to lead into a commercial break, and I wasn't disappointed at all when they released Harbour into his new parody role of Oscar the Grouch. Hilarity ensued. It might be the only shining moment SNL has had in the last three years.

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