Making plans now with the family for various stay-cations this Spring and Summer. We're always on the look out for new and different places to visit, but aren't too far from the house. You know a quick day trip type getaway and there's plenty of places to go and see that are only a few short hours from Lawton.

One of the destinations we're planning to visit soon is the Gloss Mountain State Park in Fairview, OK. It's just a short trip, around 130 plus miles or so and would only take two maybe two and a half hours to get to, if that. I've heard a lot about it and would really like to go. The views are amazing and there's plenty of wildlife around. From what I've heard the mountains themselves have a kind of shinny glass look to them and the overlooks that see over the prairie and surrounding areas are second to none. We can go hiking on the many trails, they're open from sunrise to sunset and we'll definitely hit the overlooks.

They have picnic areas, grills and other facilities at Gloss Mountain so we can do the whole day there. Plus, if we decide to stay over night or maybe the whole weekend we can go to Gloss Mountain Outfitters to camp out or stay at the Ceder Haven Lodge. Gloss Mountain Outfitters even offers horseback riding and all kinds of other cool activities. It's also conveniently located near Gloss Mountain and several other Oklahoma state parks as well. There's a lot of Oklahoma I haven't seen yet so I'm looking forward to hitting the open road and visiting as many places and parks as I can this year with the family.

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