Just as it has done almost every day, the forecast is changing, and not for the better on the whole of who this is going to effect. Most agree that Lawton being on the forecasted fringe has the best odds of escaping the really bad weather. That being said, there is going to be plenty of bad weather around the region. Travel will be hazardous, if you're not leaving now, you should plan on staying.

If you were planning on a little Christmas shopping trip to OKC, you might flip your way-point around a hit Dallas. You'll probably hit a little rain, but that is far better than freezing rain and ice they're predicting North, West, & NW of us. If you do plan on staying in town, try to plan on staying in. Don't be that guy that rushes out at the last minute to get groceries because Walmart forecasts a foot of snow. Get it done tonight when you can. If you have plans, alter them now, that way you won't have to adapted and overcome Mother Nature this weekend.

I'm sure the NWS will be updating us all again later today or early tomorrow, I'll be sure to pass it along.

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