Today's a great day! Sure it's only Wednesday and we're only half way to the weekend, but we finally got the new Deadpool 2 trailer with Cable! It's every bit as epic and hilarious as you'd expect. We've all been patently waiting to see Josh Brolin as Cable and it doesn't disappoint! Deadpool 2 will hit the big screen May 18th, it can't get here fast enough!

For the fans we all wondered how it would look, I mean Cable is as an iconic character in the Marvel universe as Wolverine. It looks like they got this one right. Just like Ryan Reynolds makes the perfect Deadpool, Josh Brolin will be an equally great Cable. Now obviously I haven't seen the movie and all I'm going on is the trailer, but I'm loving what I'm seeing!

I'm saying it now, this is the movie of the Summer. Hell it's gonna be the movie of the year! This is the sequel I've been waiting for. An expansion of the Marvel universe and it looks like we'll not only get Cable, but Domino and some others too!

Several people have already commented from the trailer that we could be seeing G.W. Bridge and possibly Shatterstar. In the trailer at around the 1:39 mark there's a scene that has Deadpool with Domino and several others around them. It looks like Terry Crews on the right dressed up as G.W. Bridge and behind them possibly Shatterstar. The verdict is is out on who's standing behind Domino on the plane. I'm looking forward to seeing more and uncovering who else will be in the movie.

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