A lot of people are starting to complain about Apples most recent folly, but rest assure, it could be the most brilliant thing to happen to the iPhone.

The question being this, "Is my new iPhone supposed to bend?" and the answer is no. You would think something that cost a staggering $850 off the shelf would be robust enough to make it a day in your pocket. Not so much.

When you combine a technology that is getting bigger in size, yet lighter in weight, and mash that with a ridiculous social trend of tight-pants and skinny-jeans, it was bound to happen sooner or later. The newest iPhone 6 Plus tends to bend around your leg whilst in your pocket. It's a pretty glaring design flaw.

All the same, the fact the phone has a little give to it may be an accidental stroke of brilliance. How many times have you've seen shattered phones? Now if they can make this extremely strong glass bend, why can't they engineer enough 'give' to it to make it unbreakable?

That's the entire idea behind laminated glass. Superior strength even in thin construction. That's the technology tech-giants like Apple should be funding.

Either way, if I ever thought of trading off the Note3 for an i6Plus, that's out of the question. Apple iOS is behind the times, settled into something everyone is comfortable with. I like having the current technology in my pocket. However, the newest iPhone could just be the beta for something bigger... and Apple probably doesn't know it yet...