We've talked about the lack of old establishments before in this state. It's just such a young state, and only time will tell if we make it to a point where someone down our own family line will ever get the chance to eat in a 400 year old restaurant. But, on the bright side, there are some old restaurants and eateries here in Oklahoma, let me tell you about the oldest.

Now, before I spill the beans, there is a matter of contention around this declaration. You see, people want to refer to it in technicality as a "bar," but they've always sold food. Can a bar not also be a restaurant? I've eaten at lots of bars. I've never been much of a drinker, so most of my trips to bars have been for the food. Girtlestones back in the day. Abner's Alehouse in Norman. Eskimo Joe's in Stillwater... All of them were bars that also had/have great food. So I feel totally comfortable declaring it the oldest "restaurant" in Oklahoma, even if they politely only accept the "Oldest Bar" award.

If you read the headline and said "Cattleman's Steakhouse" in Oklahoma City, you're wrong. While it is a very old and historical restaurant in this state, it's not the oldest. Just probably the most famous. The title of "Oldest Restaurant In Oklahoma" rightfully belongs to Eichen's in Okarche. (pronounced Oh-Car-Chee) It's actually known by a few different names. Eichen's Bar, Eichen's Antique Bar, Eichen's Saloon, etc... They've been serving up the good stuff since 1896. That's 125 years... Two centuries ago... It has survived the wild times before statehood, prohibition, a massive fire, and still stands today. Sounds like a perfect day-trip for a cold weekend coming up. Here's the website.

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