Let me tell you a real familiar tale of crimson and cream sports history. The fan base of the University of Oklahoma has a history with Sooner football head coaches. I know it's been true over the last thirty years, and in talking with reformed past Sooner fans, it was historically true beyond that. The favorite football coach at OU has always been the previous coach, with very few exceptions. It's always the person fans compare the current coach to, and through unrecognized irony, they still might be the sorest sports in the league.

In case you missed it, Kansas State University managed to beat OU over the weekend in Norman. Now, KSU hasn't been revered as a "good" team since Coach Schneider left a few years ago, but they've always been a season wrecker year in and year out. Even though OU put up dominating numbers besting the Wildcats in just about every measurable stat, they were unable to adjust late in the game and fell behind, ultimately losing a very close contest on Saturday. Since my tv antenna points South, I couldn't find the game to watch, but it was easy to guess the outcome looking at social media the moment the game came to an end.

Sooner fans across the state immediately started calling for the firing of Coach Lincoln Riley. One loss is too much for the team with the highest expectations in the Big 12. Of course, had Coach Riley had his phone on him throughout the game, all of the amateur play-callers could have given him the wisdom to pull off not just a win, but a dominant win, and anyone that argues that "doesn't have a clue what they're talking about."

If you have a pretty good memory, this isn't the first time the fan base has called for the firing of Coach Riley. The team has ended each season on a lose to a better team, and the fan base has pushed for his termination every single year. Stretching your memory even further, the same thing happened to Coach Bob Stoops every single year since winning the Sooners last National Championship. Literally, every. single. year. fans called for the firing of the programs most successful coach in the modern era... but the list doesn't end there. Every single coach that has walked onto the field at OU has had, at one point or another, a majority opinion of the fan base, that they should be terminated after a loss.

While I pity Lincoln Riley for having to put up with the fans, I also think it kind of comes with the multi-million dollar salary. And beyond that, as an OKState fan, I think it's kind of entertaining. Speaking of, you should ditch your crimson and cream for the stress-free world of orange and black. If we lose, who cares? We're just happy to be on the field and feel blessed to have an overall winning record since turn of the century.

As for OU, perhaps the fan base should really be calling for a change in mascot. Instead of cheering on in shirts adorned with the original mobile home, the University of Oklahoma Karen's has a true ring to it.

Go Pokes.

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