While adding lightsabers to a classic sword fight like this is awesome, whether Hollywood should do it or not isn't the argument we need to debate. We should really reach out to settle the topic of lightsabers... or rather, light sabers.

You see, in the first Star Wars, when we're introduced to such a distinguished piece of weaponry, Alec Guinness referred to it as a "Light (pause) saber."  As in two completely seperate words.

For example...

Yet if you look anywhere online, and in the future movies, it's referred to and written as a single word.

If it were to be a single word, don't you think George Lucas would have stopped filming to correct Obi Wan Kenobi? Star Wars is his lifelong passion and realized dream, you don't think he'd let someone get it wrong do you?

Perhaps Lucas changed his mind throughout the rest of the movies, accepting that it should, in fact, be compiled and summed up in one word.

Then again, Obi Wan Kenobi is the only hope... Who are we to second-guess him?

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