It seems that when fires break out, they do so on a pretty large scale a few times each year in Oklahoma. I think our last record burning year was 2014. We were in what turned out to be the final year of a very long drought with a record number of 100+ degree days from early May through late September. I remember every corner of the state having some sort of wildfire at the time. Some smaller than others, a few very large, specifically out in Western and Northwestern Oklahoma. Vast plains of wheat and grassland up in smoke.

Even Lawton has seen it's share of crazy fire danger. Was is it in 2011 when the mountains caught on fire? I remember driving through on my way to Hollis from OKC, and cruising some forty combined miles parallel to a raging, smokey inferno. It just really makes you think about the little things you can do to prevent such a catastrophe. Like putting a cigarette out in a coke can with a little liquid inside instead of flicking it out the window as you drive. Passing up on the 'cool factor' of lighting a bonfire even though these cool nights are asking for it. Being super aware of your sparks as you weld, grind, and cut as you repair and work. Even an errant spark from that last mow of the year could set the town ablaze.

Rake your leaves. Be aware of your surroundings. Try not to set the place on fire. As the saying goes, only you can prevent wildfires, because the government agency that normally overlooks that has been slashed to the core.

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