Admit it. When you envision your dream man cave, there is at least a pair of vintage chairs sitting somewhere as if they were a piece of art.

My father has a pair of cast-iron theater chairs out of the auditorium in his hometown. My brother-in-law has pair of seats from Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, home of the Chiefs in his man cave. There's something ingrained in every man's DNA, a fondness for nostalgic seating.

Every person in Lawton is getting a small chance to do the same in their chosen space as The Vaska Theater is offering up a limited amount of their vintage rocker chairs on the cheap.

While Vaska owner Justin Hackney has made tons of improvements to Lawton's favorite theater over the years, it's not clear what kind of moves the team there is making now.

A new screen, projector, sound system, the amazing Shadowcast performances that can reinvigorate new life into timeless classics like Hocus Pocus, Rocky Horror Picture Show, the original Friday the 13th.

The Vaska has once again become THE place to experience movies in town. It's fun for the kids to willingly sit down for our own ancient childhood classics too... but it's not exactly clear what's coming next for the historic Lawton theater.

I did reach out for details on what's next, but that would just spoil the fun. Watching this nostalgic place evolve has been a ton of good feels over the years, the wait is just part of that I suppose.

When whatever is happening behind those time-honored doors happens, I'm sure we'll all learn about it together. In the meantime, I've got some chairs to pick up. I'm thinking saddle leather upholstery on OSU orange and black restored legs.

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