Welcome to San Alfonso Del Mar in Chile. The worlds largest swimming pool nestled conveniently along the frigid Pacific coast of South America. It's over 3000 feet long, filled with filtered and heated sea water, almost twelve feet deep in places, and large enough to boat and jet ski in. It even features private sandy beaches right off the sidewalks on site.

So what's the catch right? It's a private pool for residents only. Those modern buildings surrounding it are apartments. Really nice apartments. Like, millionaire and social elite type apartments... but there is a loophole. You can become a resident, temporarily, if you have enough cash. There are studio type apartments that lease "weekly" from $560-ish per person, per night. There are also really spacious five bedroom sprawling villas priced at a modest $2500 per person, per night. Those are actually available for two week periods.

Of course, travel isn't factored into the math... You're on your own for that, but I digress. If you were really jonesing for some Summertime fun, there are places it can be found.

All the same, if you can wait it out, we'll be melting in a month or two.


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