When it comes to customizing cars, I think I've seen it all. I've lived through the fad of unbelievably restored and modded 30's and 40's roadsters later desecrated with Rat Fink and cartoon animal graphics. I came of age during the turn-of-the-century mini-truck craze where it was all about how low you could get a big ole truck to the ground. Answer is, if you know how to channel a body and don't mind cutting holes in you hood, you can drag rocker panels. Most of us have also often made fun of the import "tuner" car scene over the years because, you know, they're not American muscle... even though they're fast and can actually turn corners at speed. But I don't think I ever expected to see a new chrome Honda Civic for sale on an actually car dealership lot, but that's what we have here.

From the post:

2020 Honda Civic Check out this 2020 custom made Honda Civic! 🔥 🔥 🔥 Only 214 miles 🔥 🔥 🔥 It is one of a kind and ready to go today! Fast and easy financing We specialize in auto loans and we work with all credit types Call me to view Leslie Erwin [hidden information]

Now let me be completely honest with you, I dig it. I've seen the chrome thing done a few times over the years... I remember a chrome Porche in the 911 series, a golden metallic Lambo something or other, the fact was, when wild paint was the "fad" in the mini-truck scene years ago, I looked into chroming my truck a few times because nobody else had it... and it was always way out of my own personal price range... but as with any other technology, every time that technology gets twice as good, the cost becomes half as much. Maybe the chrome look is super affordable in 2020.

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