So you've decided that you want to stretch out your creative wings. You think you can sing. You have have a camera. And you have a basic understanding of AfterEffects. Why wouldn't you submit this to the world? It's epic!

You've heard me rail on YouTube in the last few years over their corporate structuring of independent channels. It was never about giving you better content. It was all about doubling that profit margin. That how good channels disappear, and YouTube Premium channels pop up. Not to say it's all bad. I watched the Cobra Kai Karate Kid series, it was pretty freaking awesome. Not worth paying twelve bucks a month for, but definitely worth using a free trial to wrap up.

Regardless, once in a while you can still run across those little web gems like this. Independently created and unintentionally hilarious. It's what the internet was built on, and it's exactly what makes the internet so great. I hope more of it finds its way into my suggested videos.

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