Technology never ceases to amaze me. This epic $40 product will make your house "THE" scariest house on the block! If only I'd known about this EPIC Halloween decoration a few weeks ago, to allow more time to toss it together. Super easy DIY is right up our alley.

Basically, you need a DVD player, a projector, some bridal mesh, and the Ghostly Apparitions DVD. That's it! Everyone has a DVD/Blu-Ray player, projectors are cheap online, and bridal mesh is something you can get at any hobby/fabric store.

Put the mesh in a doorway, point the projector at it, press play, and BOOM! You're the new 'scary' house on the block!

The real question is, how scary do you want it to be? Jump scare? Creepy floating person Ghostbuster style? Straight up walking dead type stuff? Or the classic ethereal that somehow mixes a few different types of things together.

You have to admit, looking around at all the decorations and prank items from the big box and specialty stores, even though this technology is a few years old now, it still blows everything else out of the category, and it's done on a shoestring budget! You still have enough time, even if it's a little rushed at this point, to throw something like this together. All you really need is a breakdown of how and a DVD to project into the world... Then the only variable is going to be, will kids be trick or treating this year since Covid has dominated us all?

Full directions are here...
Ghostly Apparitions DVD is here...

Handle it.



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