If you think you're having a bad day and things aren't going your way, take a moment, hit play and be glad you're not this guy. Somehow an engineer just about demolished a train by attempting to go under a bridge that was just a  little too short. Size DOES matter and funny enough you don't think about it until it's too late.

Now obviously the engine made it through but the cars, not so much. By the time the engineer realized what was happening several cars were completely destroyed. We're hearing that somewhere around $2,000,000.00 worth of damage was done. Oddly enough it doesn't look like the bridge was damaged, or at least not that bad. That's one tough bridge! The first time I watched the video I was expecting the bridge to collapse.

For whatever reason I find the video fascinating and very satisfying to watch. Seeing that metal peel back and wrinkle as the train scraps the bridge is awesome, at least to me. I'm sure for the engineer it was a total nightmare. Hope he doesn't get stuck with the bill, or fired. I'm sure at a minimum he's the latest edition to the "safety film" collection.

Well the really good news from all this is look at it this way. Someone learned a very valuable lesson about clearances and it wasn't a passenger train. Now that would be an epic video. I mean I don't want anyone to get killed or injured, but can you imagine sitting in a train car when the entire top gets ripped off?

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