In the grand scheme of the heavy metal enthusiast, it is not often that childhood aspirations of becoming a god-sized shredder come to fruition before the first patch of pubic hair.  Yet, somewhere written in the subliminal verses of a Robert Johnson record, there is apparently a trap door that leads to the infamous crossroads where many musical legends have pawned their souls in exchange for the power of grind and groove.

Unlocking the Truth, the Brooklyn-based band consisting of three 11-year-old musicians, appear to have not only have gained unlimited access to the devil’s lair, but they have taken it over, bound and gagged the dark lord and taken his evil hostage in a vicious attempt to become the youngest and heaviest band in the world – all before the tender age of puberty.

These little headbanging whippersnappers are undoubtedly setting the standard for the common prodigy, and if they can somehow find a way to survive all of the excessive perks of the rock n’ roll lifestyle without flunking out of school, they just may become the poster child for the great American rock star, as well.

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