Over the Memorial Day weekend I spent most of my time outdoors on the grill. This despite Mother Nature's moodiness and all her efforts to chase me back indoors. I was determined to keep grilling and not let go of the spatula, regardless of what she was up to. It wasn't that bad a little rain, wind and humidity.

To some the weather must be perfect, not for me. I'm definitely not a fair weather griller. Ask anyone who's been at the house in a down pour or with 2 feet of snow on the ground and I'm grilling out. A lot of times in the dead of night at 2:00am. Any weather any time, it's perfect for grilling.

This past weekend with it being Memorial Day we had some family and friends over. Remain calm there's certainly no need to panic, we made sure to follow all the CDC rules and guidelines that we're all familiar with. It was a welcomed break from all the isolation and craziness we've been through over the past several months. I wasn't going to allow COVID-19 to ruin my Memorial Day cookout, no matter what.

While we were all out on the porch the never ending, heated debate started back up again. What's best type of grill? Charcoal, propane or wood pellet grills? We all have our favorites and each person defends to the death their pick. To be honest I use them all, I'm not as familiar with wood pellet grills but I use both charcoal and propane all the time. It really depends on what I'm grilling and if it's a casual let's enjoy this type of thing, or a let's get it cooked and eaten ASAP kind of thing.

Each grill has it's own pros and cons. Obviously charcoal takes more time but has better flavor. Propane is quick, gets the job done fast and evenly. Wood pellet has superior flavor, like charcoal it takes more time but it removes the typical charcoal and lighter fluid flavors that can be a problem with some meats.

Most of my grilling Monday through Friday is propane. I get home we decide what we want to eat then we hit the grill. On weekends and holidays it's charcoal because we have more time and can sit back, relax and enjoy grilling out. So how about you, what's your favorite type of grill, or do you use and like them all?

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