Meet Frank Devita. Before he became a veteran of the second 'Great War,' he was a bright eyed 19 year old member of the Coast Guard from Brooklyn, NY. But as WWII dragged on, and America was forced into the fight, Frank was hoisted, like so many young men, to the front lines of one of the bloodiest battles in US history.

If you think back to the first scenes of "Saving Private Ryan," they're all squatting in a transport boat. At the front of that boat, there is a big gate that lowers down so everyone can run out onto the beach. Franks job on D-Day was operating that gate. Even though everyone on that boat knew what would happen when that gate dropped, it had to be done.

This mans tale of his experience is horrifyingly humbling. What these men lived through as kids is unthinkable now 75 years later. But Frank is using his remaining days trying to share this with more and more people for the sake of those who are still returning from war as broken individuals, and trying to give them the hope that life does return to normal eventually.

Hit play and be glad you've never had to survive such adversity.

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