Even though meteorologists may have completely missed the mark trying to one-up each other in their choice of descriptive adjectives... "Historic weather day"... "Particularly dangerous system"... "Comparable to the May 20th Moore tornado weather"... The National Weather Service is easing up the outlook for the next few days. They're keeping it simple with a chance for rain, and possibly some hail. While you can never really rule out a tornado or two, the odds for that type of event aren't in a 'naders favor.

That being said, I think last Monday was one of those days everyone was relieved to see all the weather guys getting it wrong. Not to say the tornadoes we did have across the state weren't serious and life threatening... more or less that their predictions were far more fire and brimstone. Also, I hope their crying wolf this time around doesn't discourage anyone from paying attention in the future. Weather changes incredibly fast. It almost always seems to be the smallest little nothing clouds end up building those incredibly destructive twisters. I remember watching videos of storm chasers follow the largest tornado ever recorded on Earth in sunshine.

Don't go shunning the weather professionals just yet... but keep in mind what they're really selling when they start busting out colorful words to describe a forecast... Ratings.

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