It's been so nice and mild the last two years, we are definitely due a long and hot summer. Unfortunately, it seems 2021 is the year the weather is going to pummel us into submission. Let this be a lesson to every person that spent all last winter proclaiming "I can't wait until it warms up!" Sweltering heat, insane humidity, the excessive heat index... This isn't going to be fun at all.

Normally, June is the month I get super active at the lake. I know fishing is usually really hot in April while the bass are breeding, but our bipolar weather ruined all that too. I had a week of vacation perfectly timed out the third week of April just to hit the lakes and work on that first sunburn, and that's the week winter had its last hurrah. Constant rain, temps in the forties, a hard freeze in late April... Bummer.

I tried to roll with it and plan another trip in May, but it quickly became monsoon season. Skip to the now and it's a trademark Southwest Oklahoma oven outside. Doesn't matter though, I'll still hit the lakes in search of my lunker. We'll just have to get an extremely early pre-sunrise start since warming up with the sun in the morning is far easier than trying to fight it in the evenings.

Since every weather source out there attributed our 80 degree August and September last year to the wildfires in California and Oregon, maybe now is a good time to hop on a few prescribed burns out that way. Provide hot America with a little smoke screen.

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