Being a child of the 80's, I know first hand just how bad the music used to be. Honestly, the music in the 80's was so bad, the #1 radio station format across the country was oldies. The new music was so bad, people chose to listen to the same stuff they'd been hearing for the last thirty years just to avoid acts like Poison, Hall & Oates, Kenny Rogers First Edidtion, etc... Obviously, I'm not talking about thrash giants like Metallica, Slayer, and the like... It's everyone else that made bad music back then. Even legends like AC/DC were pretty much written off in the 80's, that's just how bad the music was. If it weren't for 91's Thunderstruck, they wouldn't be the rock giants they are today. Facts.

So rock recently took a dive off into the world of cover songs. Disturbed restarted this generational quirk with Sound of Silence, Bad Wolves made a name for themselves with Zombie, and as the latest covers movement gained speed, for whatever reason, it just stopped. Doesn't mean the covers stopped, they just stopped being epically awesome.

One dude on YouTube decided to take a reverse-cover play on the whole gambit, taking a Linkin Park nu-metal classic and remixing it like a traditional 80's craptastic generic song full of synth, fake emotion, and everything else that sucked about 80's music... and he succeeded.

On the flip side of this coin though, there is a realization... If we can take an epic Linkin Park original and flip it into some lame 80's pop-synth sound, imagine how many lame 80's songs we can flip into a few new standards of the rock genre? I can't see the future, but believe me, in the next few months, someone will rip off some easy-listening soft ballad, give it some balls, and we'll all be jammin it.


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