Last night, I spent most of the evening out in the garage working on a project. It was loud, dusty, messy, just an all around great night in the shop. After getting cleaned up, I started thinking about dinner. You know what sounded like it would hit every spot in my appetite? A bacon cheese from Wayne's with a side of fried pickles. The only problem? Yesterday was Monday.

Given the last calendar year of pandemic, I totally understand why Wayne's elected to have a second day off for their staff last year. Every time I drove by either location it looked to be slammed. People ordering those delicious burgers and steak fingers, drinks with the good ice, etc... at all hours of the day six days a week. It would drive anyone to do what they did. In an effort to give their staff a much deserved break, Wayne's decided to add Monday in addition to their regular Sunday being closed each week. A minor inconvenience, sure, but it's easy to catch a Wayne's fix any other time... Except here we are into a fourth season of Wayne's being closed on Monday's.

It's a funny thing, hankerings and whatnot. They don't usually hit you when it's convenient. Not having the ability to score a Wayne's burger on a Sunday is no big deal. I've had sixteen years to get used to it. But in the moment I honestly craved one of those burgers after a long, hot, sweaty, dusty, messy Monday, I wanted to whimper a little as I begrudgingly opened my fridge to find something not as good at a double cheese and fried pickles. I didn't go somewhere else because, well, when you crave a Wayne's burger, there is no substitute. No other burger could fill that void, so why even bother?

Luckily, it's Tuesday and I still have that craving. I could grab it for lunch, but I'd rather spend the evening in my dirty garage working up a sweat and the kind of literal meat thirst only a bacon cheese can quench. My only question is, will Wayne's on a Monday ever be a thing again?

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