I'll admit, when we get to that point in entertainment in between seasons where there's nothing new on the tube, I'll binge watch Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives for a week or two. I don't fancy myself a fan of the culinary arts beyond having a tasty meal once in a while, but there's something about the foods on that show that truly amaze anyone with an appetite. In talking about it with a buddy of mine, the question came up, if Guy Fieri drove his hot rod through Lawton or Southwest Oklahoma, where would he have to stop and eat?

Now I haven't followed the show or even really paid much attention to it beyond letting it play in the background while I tinker away at some project in the garage, but it seems the bread and butter of Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives seems to be stoner foods and/or unique concoctions that any given place is just known for throughout the region. So what would you recommend if Mr. Flavortown was asking you where to eat?

My initial gut instinct is S&B Burger Joint at 38th and Cache. You look at that menu and instantly know it was born out of a night of consumed edibles. Peanut butter on a bacon cheeseburger? Yum. Thunder Fries? Slam dunk! Ice cold Schlitz? Stop selling me on it, I'm in. Or at least, that's what I used to order. I admit I haven't been there in a few years... but would it qualify for technically being a "chain" restaurant? Granted, it's a really small Oklahoma chain, but it still falls into that qualification.

I suppose Meer's would be an automatic shoo-in. Huge burgers, fancy cobbler, etc... What about Mutti's or John & Cook's BBQ? They're both locally owned joints, both renowned for their specialties, both have their fan base of people that swear by it... wouldn't they qualify for Triple-D? If you had to pick a unique and/or absolute bomb of a place to send Guy Fieri to eat on his trip across the US, where would it be down this way?

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